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Spice Containers

Antique porcelain jars with hand-painted flower designs to hold all your sauces & condiments.

Peranakan Fabrics

Beautiful, elaborate embroidery on fabric for all your essential needs. Scarves, pouches, tissue packet holders, key holders, handkerchiefs…



Mouth-watering pastes and sauces to 'SPICE' up your dishes in to a delicious mouth watering meal that everyone will love

Made from the freshest and best quality ingredients


Authentic, traditional cooking sauces that enables anyone to become a talented culinary chef at the comfort of your own kitchen.

Truly delicious, easy to use and wide variety of flavours for all your meal needs

About Us

Angelus Link Pte Ltd (Angelus Link), a Singapore incorporated company, was established in February 2012.

Angelus Link provides management consultancy services and specializes in importing and distributing pastes and sauces in to Singapore. We are proud to be the appointed distributor for the brands GIMSON and CHILLIZ. Both brands hail from Malaysia.  


How did the name Angelus Link come about? Well, we wanted to provide You, Our Valued Customer, with a fast and reliable "link" to our products, so that everyone can enjoy them! We vow to make each encounter with you a pleasant one, be it through the food or service! We guarantee all-natural & quality ingredients in our Nyonya sauces & pastes as we strongly believe in serving only THE BEST for you.


Since its inception, the company has grown from strength to strength and is envisaged to grow and expand further.


Uphold professionalism in a steadfast manner.


To be the trusted and reliable partner for the Retailers and Food Service sector with a view to provide excellent service to our customers 


To create and add value to our customers.  

To uphold and build the brands we represent.

To enrich our experience in the Food & Beverage industry.

Chilliz pastes are authentic, traditional cooking sauces that enables you to become a talented culinary chef in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Mouth-watering pastes and sauces to SPICE UP your dishes! Whip up a delicious meal that is loved by all.

Our collaboration with Kim Choo Kueh Chang allows us to represent and sell their products

Customise Gifts

Traditional Peranakan Gifts.

Perfert to commemorate peranakan culture 

Brands We Represent


A wide range of chocolates packed with  customised boxes.


Our Retailers


The Meat Up

Premium Meat Butchery

Premium Meat Butchery

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Traditional Nyonya and Peranakan Products

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22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Midview City
Singapore 573969

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