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Mouth-watering pastes and sauces to SPICE UP your dishes! Whip up a delicious meal that is loved by all.

Made only from the freshest and best quality ingredients.

Nyonya Cuisine

Nyonya Sauce – Delicious Nyonya sauce with a perfect blend of chili, lime, garlic & aromatic lemon grass. Best served on top of steamed fish with rice. Bound to excite your taste buds and bring you back to the good old days!

Nyonya Kapitan – Rich & delicious chicken curry infused with lemongrass, lime leaves & galangal to deliver an aromatic & powerful sensation to your taste buds! Served with soft & juicy chicken thighs & piping hot fragrant rice, this meal is definitely fit for a “Kapitan”.

Nyonya Red Curry – Red curry made with dried red spur chillies, torch ginger & turmeric. Coconut milk helps to bring out the full flavour & fragrance of the Nyonya red curry. Served with chicken, potatoes & fragrant white rice. Hot & spicy curry, a must-try for all curry lovers out there!

Nyonya Ponteh – Braised chicken & potato stew. A mixture of soy bean paste, pepper & onions to deliver a sweet yet savoury dish. Served with diced potatoes & chicken that simmer in the stew, soaking up all its delicious flavours. Sink your teeth into this flavourful stew!

Nyonya Rendang – Dry & spicy meat curry consisting of chilies, coriander, and candle nut. Braise, then fry the Rendang paste, with coconut milk & beef cubes. The result – rich & spicy Rendang sauce with tender & succulent beef. Serve with steamed rice & enjoy!

Nyonya Laksa – Classic spicy broth flavoured with galangal, lemon grass & curry leaves. Served with springy noodles & prawns. You can alter the taste to your preference – acquiring either a sour asam or rich coconut milk taste. Savour the laksa with freshly squeezed lime on top!

Gerang Asam – Sour & spicy seafood curry that combines chillies, tamarind & lemon grass to produce a tangy & aromatic curry sauce. Served with seafood & a variety of vegetables. Gerang Asam is sure to leave a delightful & unforgettable taste.

Nyonya Sambal – Spicy Malaysian paste made with chillies, shrimp paste & ginger. A versatile condiment that can be served along-side your favourite dishes such as Nasi Lemak, Kang Kong & Mee Rebus to complete your meal

Bring on the heat!

Nyonya Lemak Curry – 

Spicy and fragrant curry with pineapple and prawns. Creamy and rich with coconut milk. Coupled with the extra tang from a perfect blend of lemongrass, galangal, turmeric and tamarind, our Lemak curry is sure to please and satisfy your palate.


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